My little poni equestria girls

The equestria girls, human teen counterparts to my little pony characters, head to camp everfree, where they need a little magic to help save summer. Explore friendship with the mane 6 my little ponies and the mane 7 equestria girls! Watch video · my little pony equestria girls is an animated feature film starring characters resembling the main cast of my little pony friendship is magic as teenage human girls. Learn about your favorite my little pony equestria girls characters, play mlpeg games, watch videos and more!

Play awesome my little pony and equestria girls games, get fun and customizable printables, and check out the newest apps for experiencing equestria! My little pony: equestria girls – legend of everfree is on netflix now!

When chs goes on a trip to camp everfree, they’re surprised to find a magical force is. The miniseries was released on a one-disc region 1 dvd on august 8, , entitled my little pony: equestria girls – magical movie night and distributed by shout!

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